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Social Distancing, Stay at Home and Selling

It has been a while since I’ve posted on here. Unique Editions now has an Instagram and a twitter account under Uniqreads. A selection of the books that are coming in are posted on there first. From there they go to the biblio store at

Why are we on is the only independent used/rare/secondhand bookselling site on the English language section of the internet.  The other ones have been bought by the likes of Amazon and other big corporations. Thus Biblio allows smaller, more specialized dealers a platform to reach more collectors without getting slammed by large fees. So please before you look at Amazon for your next book, check out

We are still up and running, having most of the inventory at our apartment and the rest in a storage facility within a dog’s walk away. Every item is kept as clean as possible.

At this time we are mailing everything out with secondhand packing supplies to keep with our policy to reuse and recycle.

The latest focus has been trying to place all of our S.C.A. books online due to all of the shows and events being cancelled due to Covid-19. Fiction and homeschool educational books are also being placed online.  Live videos are being planned and will hopefully be up and running weekly starting this week.

I will also be attempting to place photos on here.

Please come and check us out.

Happy reading!

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