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Book Review: Mrs Peanuckle’s Vegetable Alphabet

Children’s Books are a difficult category to review. Especially as the age between the selected audience and the reviewer is separated by decades.

That being said,

What does one expect of a board book?

Sturdy. These books are designed to be held and chewed upon by small pre-readers. So they cannot be delicate.

Colors. They must attract the untrained eye of the prereader.

Compact. They must get to the point quickly and in an entertaining manner.

What does one expect of an Alphabet book?

The parent/guardian/reader wants it to be engaging, yet they expect it to be very simplistic. A will always be Apple, B will be Banana, C will be Carrot and so on. If you are lucky there will be a rhyme or a verse. Traditionally these books will have just one fruit on a page, a simple 1 to 2 color illustration or a glossy photo.

Over the decades as more fruits & vegetables have become widely available, some have snuck in: C is coconut, P is Pear or Potato or Peach or Pumpkin. Different countries highlight different ones depending on the dominate cultures. For example G can be Grapes, Guava or Grains. But on the whole most of these books tend to keep the items to one or two (or even three) syllables to make it easier for the child to learn them.

This is where Mrs. Peanuckle has changed the game.

From the art work on the cover you can see the cute smiling vegetables: Peas, Peppers, pumpkin, and a turnip? Wait three Ps? What is the deal?

She first starts out with the familiar A is for Asparagus B is for Beans and …. wait Cucumbers?

Dandelions? Eggplant? Fiddleheads? Jicama? Nasturtium? Watercress? Zucchini?

Okay. so being a vegetable only alphabet book you cannot expect apples and bananas, but asparagus? Why has she changed the game? What is with all of these things?

Honestly I think it is a great idea. It helps to introduce the different vegetables to the child and allows them to accept them as normal. This will help a child be more willing to try a different item and expand their palate from the very beginning.

Mrs Peanuckle’s Vegetable Alphabet is an amazing inviting board book full of cute, inviting illustrations and some informational rhymes, that will please the reader and the listener. For Board Books, this is a step up in the game and will be difficult to match.

A great buy for the new pre-reader.

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