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First Chapter Tuesday: “Past Lives, Future Lives”

It’s Tuesday! It’s time to share your excerpts and teasers from books we are currently reading, have read or are planning to read. So, feel free to join us by sharing the first paragraph or (a few) of a book you are reading or thinking about reading soon.

Past Lives, Future Lives

by Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Ballentine Books 1982

 Isbn: 034535575X


 Chapter 1:

“On a cold and overcast Wednesday afternoon in March of 1980, Harry Martin began his journey into the past. From the moment he arrived at my office, Harry made it clear that he was very skeptical about hypnosis and even more skeptical about past-life regressions. Yet i could tell that this twenty-eight year old TV talk show co-host was a highly intelligent man with great powers of concentration- which made him, potentially at least, an excellent candidate for hypnosis. (Being skeptical about regressions has very little to o with one’s ability to be regressed. The suggestibility of the patient and the doctor-patient rapport determines success or failure in regression therapy.)”



Your past problems can affect your future, so be careful about what you wish for in this life.  Follow along with a prominent Baltimore hypnotherapist on dramatic voyages of self discovery through the past centuries and the ones to come.


An interesting scientific approach to the subject. A bit preachy at times, and sometimes very unsettling.  If you want to learn more about this subject, this is a good place to start. If you want something a bit more light hearted  I suggest you watch the movie On a Clear Day You Can See Forever.  In this  1970 American musical comedy-drama fantasy film starring Barbra Streisand, Daisy Gamble decides she’ll give hypnosis a try to help her stop smoking, at the request of her fiancé. While hypnotized, she discloses to her psychiatrist (Yves Montand) that she’s the reincarnation of a 19th-century seductress named Lady Melinda Winifred Waine Tentrees.

Does this sound interesting to read? Let me know.  What are you interested in?

Happy Reading