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Sherlock Holmes

When  A Study in Scarlet was first printed in 1887 no one would have believed that the main characters would be so popular. In fact it is commonly believed that fandom as we know it today was started due to Doyle’s strange detective. The insanity of  the character’s popularity was seen after Doyle killed the great detective off in 1893’s The Adventure of the Final Problem. When it was published fans attacked him in the street, sent hate mail and made his life unbearable.In an effort to get them to let him and his family be The Return of Sherlock Holmes was published in 1903.

It has been over a hundred years since that first short story was published, and the Victorian detective is still popular. There have been many radio, movie & TV adaptations of the novels, comic book appearances,  and plays. There have been updates to the series  setting him in the 1980s and the 2000s.  There was a futuristic version where he is brought back to life to fight crime with Watson’s great grandchild and even one where he fights Dracula. But in all of them the core image remains: a brilliant, observant man with an overactive ego and an inability to understand & accept the limits of others. A sociopath? Autistic prodigy? Who knows.  He is shown to be the best and the worst of all of us.

And yet in the last few decades the stories have extended from the core material. There are various live stories where we see Irene Adler marring the Great Detective and a 14 book series where an older Holmes meets and marries a young woman who is his equal in intelligence & skills. There is a young adult series where we learn the origins of the Baker Street Irregulars, another one where we learn of the younger Holmes sister who is determined to be the first Female detective and a series of adventures of Holmes & Mycroft as young boys. (Sort of like the Hardy Boys, which was based off of Holmes.) .  Even Mrs. Hudson has her own novel. These days fan fiction and ship/slash fiction is written online and there are many Sherlock/Watson pairs.

It is amazing how this disagreeable character still fascinates us and inspires us.

That being said, we here at Unique Reads have just received a collection of Sherlock Holmes novels and are steadily placing them online at our selling page. If you are looking for a good read, and an interesting take on the Great Detective, please come and check it out.

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Advanced Reader Copy or Uncorrected Proof?

When one is starting to buy books for a collection certain terms start to show up in descriptions. Sometimes the terms are not clear. Description conditions are varied within each term and sometimes they all seem quite arbitrary.  Over the next few blog posts we will be explaining these terms so that the book buying experience will be less of a mystery to the average buyer.

Two terms can cause some concern for the beginner collector. Advanced Reader Copy and Uncorrected Proof. Both have the correct ISBN and can be consider 1st printing. But there is a difference and it all involves the printing industry.

When a book is to be published and editor will go over it to make sure everything is correct. This includes spelling & grammar, spacing, chapter numbers, page layout and also content. Editorial departments gets hundreds of books to check a week. These books are bound in a plain, cheap paperback cover. The information on the publishing date normally is on the front cover. These books are not intended for sale and will contain mistakes. Sometimes they will contain chapters that will be edited out of the final product. These are called Uncorrected Proofs and will say it on the cover.

When a book is ready t be published and they want a review or six in local papers or blogs a rough paperback or hardcover (if the publisher  thinks it will be popular) with the cover art (or dust jacket).  This will look like a real book, except for two details. Printed on the back will be the estimated publication date, the term “not for sale” and Advanced Reader’s Copy. These books are normally kept by the reviewer for their own collection, and the contract states that the review cannot pre-sell it or even talk about it except in the review.

Reviewers can review over 20 books per month (by various publishers) and this can create a large collection. For years most used bookstores would not even accept them as trade due to the “not for resale” tag.  This has made these items into rare collector items.

Nowadays you can find the Uncorrected proofs and Advanced reader copies on used book sites. This started when book-scouts would buy collections from editors and reviewers estates. Most of the books were published and out of print, and these may be the only copies out there. These items would include the term “bought in/or included with a collection bought from” in the online description.

The prices range from very cheap to expensive depending on the seller. As of right now, the unstated agreement is not to sell them until after the book has been published and out for a while.

These are usually abbreviated as Un.Cor Prf., UnCorrPro, AdvReaderCpy, AdRdCpy. So if you see these terms and are confused, email the seller and ask.






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In the Interm

In the last few months more books have been brought to The White Elephant for sale. A large collection of the Egyptian History and art books are now there.

Items are also being put up on under ElizabethCampbell. These are mostly non books (book marks, postcards & so on) as well as some used home-school materials that are missing a few pages here and there.  

Also there is currently a problem with the store email.

Working on fixing this.

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The Terri McNeir Collection

Terri McNeir was an avid reader and collector of unicorn statues and romance books. Since the start of Harlequin Special Edition Romance, and Harlequin Intrigues until 2017, Silhouette Shadows and all the other sub lines that came out.  She hunted down every book in these series and, at the time of her death, was missing only five titles.

Three series of Very Good to Like New conditions: over 5,000 titles.

If interested, please let me know.

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Anne McCaffrey Collection

We have just received a collection of Anne McCaffrey books. All paperbacks.

We have 25 of the Pern Novels (missing the short stories from the Analog magazine & Legends collections)

All of the titles in the following:

The Brain & Brawn Ship series

Crystal Singer series

Power Lines series

Dinosaur Planet

The Planet Pirates

The Talents

The Tower & Hive

The Twins of Petaybee 

Acorna: The Unicorn Girl


These series will be sold as a set.


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The White Elephant Mall

We are proud to announce that as of today we have a selection of our books in the White Elephant Mall.

The White Elephant Mall is a series of three small shops of antiques, and specialties from many different vendors. Located at 3051 Crawfordville Hwy
Crawfordville, FL 32327, directly across from the Town Hall., this small shop is bound to please anyone looking for the unusual.

You can find out more about what they carry at these two websites:


As for us, we currently have a small selection from the Ardis Welch Collection, the Maryland School Library Purge collection and the Ms. Terri Romance Collection.

Please come on by and check us out.




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Learn Our History: Take Pride in America’s Past Collection

Promoted as “The Most Interesting Way for Kids to Learn U.S. History” and published by Ever Bright Media Learn Our History: Take Pride in America’s Past  is a 43 volume sold as a monthly history selection.  Retailing at 630$ it covers the arrival of Columbus to 9/11. Also covers the history of America’s Music, sports and charity, among others.

Featuring a unique animation style and an interconnected plotline of time traveling “modern” middleschoolers this series aims to help children understand the intricate past of the history of the U.S.

Unique Reads has 40 of these titles and will offer them in sets of four.

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The Ardis A. Welch Collection

We at Unique Reads are proud to  announce the arrival of The Ardis A Welch Collection to our store.

Ms. Ardis Welch was born in 1937 to a college educated housewife and her husband, an illustrator who worked for the Audubon Society on the famous Field Guides.. Due to an unfortunate accident early in her life, she became addicted to books, history and travel in particular. An avid bibliophile, she decided to learn as much as she could in every subject she found interesting. Working in the printing industry  as it changed from type printing to digital gave her a unique opportunity to see how one detail could change history. In the mid 1990s Ms. Welch decided to become an author, writing about her most beloved place and time Medieval Romania. She has written two “bodice ripper” period romances, a time travel screen play, a historical novel and a non fiction history of Juztina Szilágyi  of Hungary, the wife of Vlad Tepes of Walachia. Her love of history and desire to learn more caused her to join the Society for Creative Anachronism, where she refined her childhood skills as a calligrapher and medieval style needlepoint.  She has taught classes on the history of Medieval Cartooning in the Bayeux tapestry, women’s roles in  Early Medieval Babylon and women in Medieval Russia.  In the early 2000s Ms. Welch hiked the fjords of Iceland.

Everywhere she went, she has brought home books.

We at Unique Reads are proud to offer a selection of her 10,000 book collection to the interested public. Most of her collection are decades out of print and have been treated kindly. Except for one small detail: hand written notations. All of the books in her collection contain talking points, reference notes to other books on the subject (most out of print) as well as commentary on the authors perspective. These are not whimsical ramblings, but notations found in lecture notes. We believe that this, along with the sheer size and breath of the collection, makes this a Unique Collection.

Over the next few months books from this collection will be listed.




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Welcome. Come on in.

Welcome to Unique Reads’ blog. We are a used, rare and out of print online  bookseller that takes pride in finding and offering items that have a certain je ne saia quoi. On this blog we will mention the new collections and why we think they are unusual and unique. While we will focus on books, we will also mention other media forms that fit our requirements.

Please visit us often to see what we have found.