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Star Wars Books

Collecting and reading Science Fiction can be a bit tricky when the Universe starts out as a movie series and the expands into novel. With Star Wars Lucas had control of the universe for decades and then in 1991 the Thrawn Trilogy came out. The flood gates opened and for the next decade or two over 60 books were written. New movies were made and then…suddenly the universe was too big.

The older books are no longer considered to be cannon, but “Legends.” An alternative reality of sorts. So what then? Are the books invalid?

Not exactly. The books become a fascinating look at the time period in which they were written and a way of seeing what people were interested in. For example Splinter of the Mind’s Eye was one of the first official books and it focused on Luke & Leia. The Lando & Han Solo adventure novels focused on the male adventurer trope.

But with The Thrawn Series we saw the wider universe and how the first movie trilogy caused the universe to change. Later books told us the tales of the Jedi and how the everyday people thrived during the Empire and the Republic. The story became more. It became better, more inclusive, more real.

And now the stories and tale we have grown up with are being adjusted.

And we cannot go forward without seeing what was left behind.

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