Who We Are

E. Campbell’s Unique Editions is an online bookstore that started as a mailing catalog in 1997. Well, sort of. In fact the roots of this business can be traced back to 1994 when a broke college student went to an Society of Creative Anachronism’s fighter practice. Once there this student listened to two members discussing research and the need to find an out of print book.  The student interrupted, asking if they meant “xyz” book and that she had a copy and would be willing to sell the copy if it was.

It was. So the student went back to the dorms ad found the title. After returning, and producing a copy she tried to interrupt as the two members started a bidding war for this book.

When the bid reached $100 cash, one member said they couldn’t beat the price and she handed the book to the winner, pocked the cash and said “Now good sirs, if you would have just let me explain 15 minutes ago, you would have known that I had 2 copies. Are you willing to buy it at the last price you mentioned?”  Thus started the idea of selling unusual titles was born.

Three years later, after graduating and collecting hundreds of books Speranza’s Unique Editions was started as a mailing list. Two years later, books started to be sold at Pagan Festivals, SCA events and Science Fiction conventions.

Thus follows over a decade of selling as an independent merchant and a book-scout, with listings on ebay, Alibris, Biblocity, and other book sites.

After a brief break and a name change, Cambell’s Unique Editions was reborn.

UniqReads is a part of E. Campbell’s Unique Editions that sprang from the idea that people, who are looking for books, might like a chance to find the unusual items without having to blindly scroll through hundreds of entries.

This site will offer book reviews,  tips to care for collections and other bookish topics, along with showcasing some odd titles and other bookish items.  The bulk of our items, for the time being,  are listed for sale at Biblio.com and can be browsed by following the widget on the shop page.

We welcome the chance to help you find the item that will make you happy.